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The Latest: Snowboard company owners disappointed by lawsuit

Aug 25, 2017

The couple who own a snowboard company sued by a beer company over use of the phrase "Take a Hike" say they're disappointed to see another Vermont company take such "an aggressive approach" on what they say is a very common phrase

Judge tosses suits over '100 percent Parmesan' claims

Aug 24, 2017

A judge has dismissed lawsuits that allege labels touting "100 percent grated Parmesan" are deceptive because the products include non-cheese ingredients

Coming full circle for balladeer Sam Beam

Aug 24, 2017

Sam Beam, the songwriter behind Iron & Wine, returns to Sub Pop records and the intimate ballads of his youth

Getting drought-relief hay to Northern Plains no easy task

Aug 23, 2017

Farmers around the country are donating tons of hay ranchers whose livestock are suffering from the drought in the Northern Plains, but getting the feed to the region isn't proving easy.

Your personal travel coach: Meet travel blogger Nomadic Matt

Aug 23, 2017

How the travel blogger Nomadic Matt learned to put his work aside and drink wine in Argentina

44 mostly Romanian fruit pickers injured in German bus crash

Aug 23, 2017

Police in Germany say 44 people, most of them women from Romania, have been injured in a bus crash

Pop-up New York City dinner draws thousands, all in white

Aug 23, 2017

A pop-up dinner featuring white-clad guests bringing their own tables, chairs and food has drawn thousands to the plaza outside New York City's Lincoln Center

How much sugar in that cola? Panera to list it on its cups

Aug 22, 2017

How much sugar in that cola? Panera Bread will be listing it on its cups

McDonald's to close 169 outlets in India in franchise battle

Aug 22, 2017

McDonald's India has announced it will close nearly 170 McDonald's outlets in northern and eastern India after the American fast food giant decided to terminate a franchise agreement with its Indian partner

Vanishing kelp: Warm ocean takes toll on undersea forests

Aug 22, 2017

The Gulf of Maine is the latest global hotspot to lose kelp forests, which are critical to the fishing industry

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