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Study: National parks get fewer visits when pollution rises

Jul 18, 2018

Researchers say pollution levels in some U.S. national parks are similar to cities like New York and Los Angeles and are leading people to avoid visiting

'Big Hunk o' Love' for Elvis could connect 2 distant cities

Jul 18, 2018

The Mississippi town where Elvis Presley was born could establish a partnership with the German town where the king of rock 'n' roll lived while serving in the U.S. Army

Gamer faces new charges in Kansas fatal 'swatting' case

Jul 18, 2018

One of the online gamers accused in a video game dispute that led police to fatally shoot a Kansas man is facing new charges

Baseball, beer help Wright Brothers' hometown rise again

Jul 18, 2018

After experiencing its best days in the first half of the 20th century, Dayton, Ohio is reinventing itself with impressive results

Lightning strikes 186-year-old church during storms

Jul 18, 2018

Firefighters say lightning struck a 186-year-old New Hampshire church and flames shot out of the steeple as strong storms made their way through the region

Official: Escaped jaguar bit through steel cable barrier

Jul 18, 2018

A jaguar that escaped its enclosure and killed nine other animals at a New Orleans zoo apparently was able to bite through a steel-cable barrier that forms the roof of its habitat

Sharp teeth: Jaguar may have bitten through steel cable

Jul 17, 2018

A zoo official in New Orleans says a jaguar that killed nine other animals after escaping over the weekend is believed to have bitten through a steel-cable barrier that forms the roof of its habitat

TASTE OF THE TOUR: Salut to genepi, an herbal Alpine cure

Jul 17, 2018

Taste of the Tour: Salut to genepi, an herbal _ and medicinal _ Alpine cure

Defense contractor Raytheon reaffirms its commitment to UK

Jul 17, 2018

Defense contractor Raytheon has reaffirmed its commitment to Britain amid ongoing political turmoil connected to its upcoming departure from the European Union

The Latest: State gets 5 more sports betting applications

Jul 16, 2018

Two casino companies say they are among those that applied for permission to offer sports betting in New Jersey before football season begins in September

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