Homeowners In Williamsburg, Virginia Dealing With Debt Should Sell Their House, Company Says

Jun 20, 2019

June 21, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ -

Multiple debts can become unmanageable and increasing interests on the borrowed sums can compound the problem. Homeowners who have credit card debts and other loans may struggle to keep up with the mortgage payments. Other aspects of life get adversely affected. Dependable Homebuyers has released an advisory for homeowners to consider selling their properties to get out of debt. The We Buy Houses company recommends a suitable solution so the problem is completely resolved and not just momentarily taken care of.

Many homeowners in Williamsburg, Virginia, explore options such as refinancing and loan modification. Some are compelled to consider debt consolidation. Debt management is necessary in many instances but consolidation, loan modification or refinance is not an actual solution for the real problem. These are only stopgap measures that can provide some interim relief. The new loans still have to be repaid. The interest may be marginally reduced and the terms may be a tad better than the original. Selling a residential property can provide enough cash to a homeowner who can then repay all the debts and move on. Homeowners can have substantial cash to spare after repaying the debts unless all financial liability put together is worth more than the value of the house. Read the recent press release they published at https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/29011-dependable-homebuyers-launches-direct-mail-campaign-in-saturated-williamsburg-real-estate-market

The real estate investment company founded and owned by Evan Roberts has been purchasing houses directly from owners in Williamsburg, Virginia. The firm has a practice of buying houses in the exact condition they are in right now. There is no staging, repair or renovation. Owners do not have to pay for inspection or appraisal. No realtor is involved in the process so the commission of six percent is an assured saving. Roberts says his company absorbs the closing cost as well so that is an additional saving worth two percent of the sale price. This can be seen as a gain too, along with the savings assured by eliminating advertising costs, improvements and other fees. Dependable Homebuyers can offer the maximum return on investment for homeowners and the quick sale can help them to get over their debt sooner than later.

Homeowners can contact Dependable Homebuyers on phone or through the official website. The company sends an expert at a scheduled time to inspect the property. A cash offer is prepared within a day and presented in writing. This nonobligatory offer can be accepted immediately and the company can close the sale in one week. Seven business days is the usual time they require. The sale can be sped up further or a later date may be chosen if a homeowner wants to time their moving out according to other plans they may have.

Cashing in on the equity of a house is a financial tactic. It is a wise and pragmatic way to resolve a financial crisis. Instead of paying enormous interests and being perennially behind repaying loans among other debts, homeowners should rein in the situation and take appropriate calls to determine their immediate future. More of Dependable Homebuyers services can be found here.


For more information about Dependable Homebuyers Williamsburg, contact the company here:

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