NYC Interior Designer, Beverly Bartfeld, Opens Doors To Store, indy home montauk, For Second Summer

Jul 27, 2020

Noted New York City interior designer, Beverly Bartfeld, has considered Montauk her second home for nearly two decades. She decided to take her passion of design and the seaside town to the next level and open her own store, Indy home Design, in 2019.

Her first retail venture received glowing reviews and quickly gained a local following. The store has a curated beach living design collection with relaxed contemporary furniture and décor reflecting Bartfeld's style - fun, comfortable, and affordable.

Apart from her retail location, indy home Design offers interior design services, home accessory consultations, and gift registry selection by appointment with Bartfeld.

We caught up with Bartfeld to learn more about her design process and Montauk storefront.

How did you get started in interior design?

“From a young age, I have always been artistic. I remember constantly rearranging the furniture in my parents’ apartment when I was growing up in order to change the look of the rooms. I went to the Fiorella Laguardia High School in NYC for art and then went to the University of Michigan School of Art. I studied fine arts and graphic design. Then I went on to study interior design at Parsons. I worked for several well-known designers after Parsons and then went out on my own 15 years ago.”

Viewers have been loving David Faber's interior design as he broadcasts from home. How would you describe his style?

“Like many of my clients, his style is sophisticated, elegant and relaxed. There is a mix of materials, finishes and styles that all work together.”

Can you talk about your approach to designing his home?

“I always start a design project by understanding my clients’ needs and lifestyles, and I am always very honest about what I like and what I don’t like! I send potential clients to my site to make sure they like my work. I was already friends with the Fabers, so that made our interactions very relaxed and open. They knew my style and preferences already, and I knew how they live, so that always makes the working relationship easier. I think design should be comfortable and practical and if someone hires me they already like my style and approach. I don’t believe things have to be expensive to be beautiful. I like to mix old and new things.”

Why do you think the look is so appealing to viewers?

“I think the space looks inviting, clean and homey, and the camera angle shows the depth and flow of the space. It feels like a home that anyone would be happy to live and work in. It has a feeling of calm maturity, which is particularly important during this time.”

What are some of the comments viewers have made about his interior style?

“You’ll have to ask him! [See above] But in general people think that the space looks refreshing and sophisticated, but not fancy. The chairs, rug, art and the classic turntable look terrific together.”

Do you have any tips for making your home look great while you're on conference or zoom calls?

“If possible, its best to have either a plain or colorful background… and certainly not too much clutter. My daughter takes her high school classes on Zoom and we have re-organized the background of her room with some simple colorful pillows and it looks terrific on camera!”

You have a new shop in Montauk... how are you dealing with it being closed during the pandemic?

“I have been spending a lot of time there getting Indy Home ready for when it can open… whenever that is! And in the meantime, our website sales are really good, as people want to make their homes more comfortable now that they are spending all their time there. A lot of people are nesting and fixing up areas in their house that they have not previously had time to focus on. Several of my NYC-based clients have me helping them ‘remotely’ decorate their second homes. Little fixes like a new area rug, or bright interesting pillows, or a unique bench or chair can make a huge positive difference in a home.”

Stay in the loop with indy home montauk's updates by connecting on Instagram and Facebook: @indyhomedesign.

indy home montauk is located at 71 South Elmwood Avenue in Montauk. For more information, call 631-668-8415 or visit

Media Contact: 

Name: Beverly Bartfeld
Company: Indy Home Design
Phone: 631-668-8415
address: 71 S. Elmwood Avenue
Montauk, NY 11954



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